We're everything you love about your bank, on the blockchain.

Fraud-prevention, risk-mitigation, credit, forex, deposit insurance, payments, investing. Managing money isn’t easy - not even on the blockchain. Let the pros take care of it.

An easier way to spend cryptocurrency

easy deposit

Easily deposit cryptocurrency assets into your Lavender wallet address.

spend online freely

Lavender lets you create multiple virtual cards to pay for your favorite services and shop online. No restrictions.

faster transactions

Perform high speed transactions. No delays. Powered by the blockchain.

Lavender use cases

Lavender in 3 simple steps. Yup! It’s that easy

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Reasons to use lavender

why use lavender?


Lavender will never share your personal data with big corporations


All data is encrypted and Lavender is not a custodial service.

minimal fees

There are little to no fees for transacting with Lavender


The Lavender support team is there for you 24/7 every day of the week

Crypto-enabled virtual cards for shopping online.

Shop both internationally and locally. Setup your account today and start spending your crypto assets across borders.

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